Ukulele lessons

Ukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons in Montreal (N.D.G.)

The music school L’Académie is a reference in the west island since 28 years.

In the last 12 years or so, the ukulele, an instrument with Hawaiian roots, has had a renewal in popularity for many reasons:

  • Its little size renders it easy to carry (school, trips, summer camps, etc…)which makes it ideal for children.
  • Its basic chords are easier than the guitar’s. One can learn simple songs and develop rhythmic skills more rapidly.
  • It can be used as an introduction the the guitar as both are very compatible. The switch from one to the other is natural.
  • The repertoire is endless: trad. Hawaiian songs, jazz, blues, classical, folk, pop,
    rock, bossa-nova, etc… There must be a ukulele version of your favourite song !
  • It will be easy to join a group or jam with other musicians after only a few weeks.


Benefit from the support of an experienced and qualified teacher at your service:

  • Your personal goals will be clearly defined and easier to obtain.
  • Each week your teacher will validate your playing, always with a constructive approach.
  • All lessons are based on music theory and linked to the style taught (reading, rhythm, harmony, etc…).
  • Families, adults, and children (from 6 years old) are welcome. There is no age limit to learn music!
  • As for you parents, to be up on child’s learning, we invite you to read our Blog:  »How to sustain your child in his/her daily practices when you are not a musician yourself.’
  • Jointly with ukulele learning, students also want to learn the guitar. For more details, consult our page on Guitar Lessons.

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